Friday, February 13, 2015

NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette

Hiii! Today I am reviewing NYX's Highlight and Contour Pro palette. As soon as I saw this palette on Instagram, I HAD to have it asap! I was about to finally give in and buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit which is $40, but then I saw this NYX palette for $25 and decided to try it first . This palette had 8 shades which made it an even better deal than the Anastasia one. I have never used a NYX bronzer/contour shade, but I have used their illuminators which I LOVE. My favorite one is Ritualistic, it is a gorgeous light golden highlight. So I had really high hopes for this highlight and contour palette, but unfortunately I was disappointed. These were really powdery and made a mess every time I put my brush in them. That I could live with, but they also do not blend well. I used multiple different brushes to see if maybe my brush was the problem, but I was still left with darker, muddy looking patches on my face. It seriously sucks because there are some great colors in this palette. I do however, like the highlight powders. Even though they are a bit powdery, I will keep using them. I especially like the banana powder to set my under eye concealer. Overall, I sadly would not recommend the NYX highlight and contour pro palette. Even though $25 is much better than $40, $25 is still quite a bit and I would expect better quality. I definitely think in this case, it is worth spending the extra money to get the Anastasia contour kit. 

These are the first 2 highlight shades. The one on the left is a pearly white and the one on the right is a matte nude. 

The top is the pearly white and bottom is the matte nude. 

These are the 3rd and 4th highlights. 
The left one is a matte pale yellow(banana).
The one on the right is a pearly peach shade. 

Top is the matte pale yellow and the bottom is the pearly peach shade.

These are the first 2 contour powders.
The one on the left is a matte brown with red undertones. The one on the right is a matte neutral brown. 

The top is the brown with red undertones and the bottom is the neutral brown.

These are the last 2 contour powders.
The one on the left is a matte taupe brown. (This is my favorite one.)and the one on the right is a matte deep brown. 

Top is the taupe shade and the bottom one is the deep brown. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tartes Tartelette Palette

Hi everyone! Today I decided to to review Tartes new Tartelette Amazonian clay matte eye shadow palette. I bought this a couple weeks ago and I love it so much, I've used it everyday since. This is the first Tarte eyeshadow palette I've purchased, and I seriously have been missing out. The quality of the eyeshadows is just unreal. They are super smooth and every single one is crazy pigmented. I also noticed these eyeshadows last a long time, with or without primer. Normally my eye shadow starts to look worn after 6+ hours, with these I've notice even 10-12 hours later my eye shadow still looked perfect. This palette is great for an everyday neutral look, or even a super dark sultry look. Ive been able to do so much with this palette and I plan to share some looks soon. So I'm going to show you all the gorgeous colors and some swatches and if you like what you see, I seriously recommend going out and getting this palette asap!

Free Spirit is a cream color. 

Force of Nature is a nude. 

Dreamer is medium warm brown.

Multi-tasker is a dark chocolate brown.

Caregiver is light pale pink.

Natural Beauty is a light nude mauve color.
Best Friend is mauve-y purple color. (My favorite)

Bombshell is a dark plum.

Super Mom is a light ivory cream color.

Wanderer is a light brown.

Power Player is a taupe color.

Fashionista is a jet black.